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Preparing for the 5G Revolution - Choosing the Right CPE Supplier

By Green Packet Admin
24 May 2021

The 5G revolution is nearly upon us. More smartphones today come with built-in 5G support and mainstream consumers have expressed strong interest in the new wireless network technology. It is imperative for telco networks to start implementing 5G into their services lineup if they have yet to include it, or else they may soon find themselves behind the competition.

Green Packet 5G Products

Choosing the right CPE (customer-premises equipment) supplier is a crucial decision for any telco. How do you make the right decision? Here are some factors to consider:  

A Strong Record of Reliability Worldwide

It cannot be emphasised enough that selecting an experienced CPE device supplier with a strong record is of the utmost importance. Look at their track record: how many clients do they have? How strong is their global footprint? Do they have a support team in place within your region in case you need support?

Customisation Options 

Not all telco companies are similar. Each has their own specifications, and may need devices to be customised to meet their market demands. For example, some countries may have specific industrial design preferences, application considerations, and power requirements. It is crucial to identify a supplier who is able to customise their CPE devices so that they are optimised for your needs.  

Fast, High-Performing 5G Devices

The 5G spectrum is available across low-, mid-, and high-bands, but there are two types that are popular in the market: mmWave and sub-6 GHz. Due to its much longer range and lower setup costs, sub-6 GHz is more ideal for telcos and mobile operators looking to widen their base in rural and suburban areas; existing towers can be repurposed for faster 5G deployment. Ensure your CPE supplier has sub-6 GHz 5G devices that can deliver high performance and speeds that meet your market demands.

Quick Delivery Speeds

As the popular saying goes, time is money. The longer you wait to implement 5G into your services lineup, the more likely you will lose out on potential income. Procuring hundreds and thousands of CPE devices takes time, so you need to factor in how long it will take your CPE supplier to deliver your products. Avoid suppliers that have a history of running afoul of government bodies, or else you may be looking at long product delays and delivery complications.  

Green Packet - Your Premium 5G CPE Device Supplier

With over 100 customers in 70 countries as well as regional sales and technical teams across 6 continents, Green Packet has a long list of satisfied customers across the telco industry. We have shipped millions of CPE devices since our inception, and we continue to be one of the top CPE device suppliers in the world.

Likewise, Green Packet offers the convenience of customisation to all its customers. We are able to customise your CPE devices so that they are tailored according to your business preferences. Now, telcos and mobile operators don’t need to spend extra on features that consumers may not need. 

Green Packet also has a range of indoor (CPE D5M) and outdoor (CPE O5M) 5G CPE devices, which is powered by MediaTek’s T750 5G chip for fast, high network performance. There’s even a portable version (WiFi M5M) designed for road warriors and travellers who need 5G connectivity for work and entertainment. Best of all, they can be delivered as fast as 12 weeks worldwide - great for operators and telcos who need to quickly install or provide 5G network connectivity in their area. 

Learn more about our 5G devices.

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