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Kiple and Edisijuta - Together building the first LPR, seamless parking experience in Malaysia

By Green Packet Admin
06 May 2021

Kiple and Edisijuta - Together building the first LPR, seamless parking experience in Malaysia

The parking industry in Malaysia has changed significantly over the past 40 years. In the early 80s, most parking spaces were vacant lands that surrounded the buildings or were on the roadside. Local authorities took lead in providing spaces on the roadside with a simple ticketing system that was later replaced with individual bay meters. It was a common sight to see illegal operators or individuals managing these lands or manipulating the meters to earn their income.

Today, we see skyscrapers just about everywhere and very few vacant lands left for parking. On-street parking is now managed professionally with the use of mobile apps and payment terminals, while building carparks managed by parking operators are installed with integrated parking control solutions. The average size of a carpark today in malls, offices and other types of buildings has also grown from 100 bays to thousands of bays.

Parking operators are now investing substantially in smarter parking and automation to meet demands for convenient access, multiple payment methods, security, and vehicle locators. The growth of social media has also placed a lot of influence in consumers’ hands, and parking operators must ensure that every visitor’s opinion matters if they wish to enhance the value of the carpark building and its tenants.

A Malaysian Leader in Parking Management

One such parking operator company aiming to improve the state of parking is Edisijuta Parking Sdn. Bhd. The ISO certified company is run by an experienced team with extensive expertise in managing facilities both small and large, having established parking operations in Malaysia, India, Sri Lanka, and Cambodia over the past 30 years. Since then, Edisijuta has successfully implemented and managed more than 100,000 parking bays internationally in shopping malls, hospitals, airports, integrated developments, and more.

5 years ago, Edisijuta started to invest in parking equipment technology to reduce reliance on manpower, which was becoming harder to source. By integrating digital technology with conventional parking systems, the company was able to create more safe and convenient parking places. This has allowed Edisijuta to become a market leader with its integrated parking solutions, which include the first computerised remote payment terminals, solar powered multiple payment terminals for on-street parking and many more.

The company’s seamless parking solution now integrates Licence Plate Recognition (LPR) technology, Mobile Payment, and Car Locaters together with conventional Autopay parking systems. This reflects the company’s continuous efforts to always improve the customer’s parking experience and revenue while optimising carpark use.

Bringing Tech to Parking

Edisijuta’s collaboration with kiplePark was also a timely one. Both companies were able to release a seamless parking solution and convenient payment mode via the kiple mobile app and wallet just before the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic. The contactless parking solution also had the added benefit of reducing disease transmission.

kiplePark x Edisijuta 1 May - Sin Chew

“It was a wise decision to collaborate with kiplePark to build this contactless, integrated and convenient payment solution for our clients and customers,” said Mr. Indran, CEO of Edisijuta Parking. “The LPR tech and mobile app have been positively accepted by our happy customers and has triggered growth in market for LPR-based solutions. This is just the first phase of our long-term partnership.”

“kiplePark LPR’s technology aims to provide VIP experiences to drivers whenever they enter and exit car parks,” said Mike Lee, COO of Kiple Urban Tech. “That’s why we are proud to partner with Edisijuta Parking, an experienced parking operator who understands the advantages of providing frictionless parking through life-improving digital innovations in a fast-paced society. We look forward to working together in the years ahead.”

Edisijuta’s successful partnership with kiplePark has also seen the first LPR solution integrated with a mobile payment app at the Bukit Jalil City Signature Office, a prestigious office and retail building that boasts 900 parking spaces alone in a single level basement. LPR is based on an artificial intelligence technology that learns various number plate formats and designs in Malaysia. Its successful implementation was the result of 18 months of careful study and trials at Klang Valley, Penang, Johor Bahru and Kota Kinabalu.

Monthly users who are building tenants are also allowed entry and exit via the kiplePark app without the need for a card or tag. Similarly, the kiplePark app reads the vehicles’ number plates, enables contactless entry, processes, and auto-deducts payment via the kiplePay wallet. The same system has now been extended to other places such as Fahrenheit, VSQ, and The Park @ BJC.

The Future of Contactless Parking

Edisijuta sees an upcoming spike in the evolution of parking industry technology, especially when it is fuelled by consumer needs and the recent pandemic. LPR tech and the kiplePark app have streamlined customers parking access, ensuring that they no longer have to queue up for payment or fumble around for exact change at terminals.

As more parking sites that depend on contactless technology open up, the more parking operators can better micromanage their facility and obtain higher revenue. Season parkers also do not have to worry about moving their Passcard from one car to another. The registration process is automated and simplified, so they won’t need to carve out precious time from their busy schedule to settle their parking issues.

The more cumbersome the parking process is, the less likely a customer will use it, which can affect a business if their store is situated in the same building as the car park. This is why parking must evolve from being a cash collection centre into a service-oriented operation. By reducing as many barriers to parking as possible, the result is a user journey that makes car parks comfortable and secure.

Thanks to Edisijuta Parking and kiplePark’s contactless parking solutions, parking has become one less thing to worry about.

Building on from contactless parking and LPR, Kiple has a plethora of smart access, smart security and smart community solutions. For more information on Kiple and all our solutions, contact us at marketing@kiplelive.com 

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