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How Urban Tech Appreciates Real Estate Value

By Green Packet Admin
05 May 2021

The Rise of Urban Tech

Buying a property today can be influenced by many factors as we no longer only just consider the property’s location, price, security, and facilities. Expectations are higher especially among millennials and gen-Z, many of whom are digital natives used to modern living conveniences made possible by technology. In this New Normal, technology has not only transformed the way we live but also our behaviour, including the way we consider buying properties.

Having been born in a post-Internet era, consumers today expect smart tech to be part and parcel of the whole package. As such, developers need to find a modern way to meet buyers’ expectations. That answer is urban tech.

Before we explore the benefits of urban tech, we need to briefly touch on its progenitor - proptech. Years back in 2010, proptech made waves through start-ups that tried to improve various processes of the property market such as rental collection and property listing. As part of a wider digital transformation in the property industry, proptech today uses modern tech and big data to process, create and improve services in the real estate sector. However, the industry has been slow to adopt proptech on a wider basis.

Since then, urban tech has started to replace proptech as the new buzz word especially in current world we lived in, the New Normal of Touchless Economy and Touchless Operation. There is some overlap with proptech due to their shared overall goal of improving lives with tech, but their focus is different. Urban tech places more emphasis on how technology can help improve a city’s life and sustainability by using sensors and software. From transportation and mobility to infrastructure and industry services, these sectors are what make up the liveability of a city, and urban tech aims to make them more efficient and convenient.

Urban tech can also be utilised to improve customers’ journey and experiences, for both citizens and businesses. These include automatic touchless parking access, card-less entry, facial recognition, visitor management, traffic management and optimisation, facial recognition surveillance, and even IoT sensors to monitor air quality and precaution of natural disasters. Kiple’s ambition is to power up entire townships with urban tech that improves quality of life while making our homes and businesses more connected.

Everyday Life with Kiple Urban Tech Solutions

Urban tech is about making technology more accessible, secure and convenient. In response to the growing demand for such conveniences, Kiple has developed several end-to-end residential and commercial urban tech services that are divided into three main segments: Smart Access, Smart Community and Smart Security.

With Smart Access, individuals can enter buildings seamlessly by driving into parking lots equipped with a License Plate Recognition (LPR) camera that has built-in AI.Their car registration numbers will be captured by these cameras as they drive though, reducing the time needed to slow down, park and return the ticket.

As individuals enter the building, thermal security cameras installed across premises double up as contact tracing, opening doors through AI facial recognition. This biometric technology detects the customers’ body temperatures along with their digital images in real-time to prevent intruders. Smart Security Surveillance cameras can also be installed at entrances or dark corners in malls or businesses to monitor unusual activity, allowing for better management of manpower and public safety. After work, a time log will automatically calculate the duration of their stay and charge their e-wallet accordingly resulting in a smooth contactless, cashless experience.

Upon reaching home, Smart Community will spring into action. Residents and property managers can build a secure and connected community via a dedicated Smart Community app. The app allows for better visitor management through visitor pre-registrations, using the Kiple app to show QR code access for doors and lifts. Private messaging channels for residents and property managers allows for quick notifications on the latest neighbourhood happenings, while a dedicated app for security guards enable faster responses and visitor entry authorisations. Residents can also utilise community smart tools to easily pay maintenance fees, fill out digital forms, as well as book facilities without having to leave their homes.

Smart Security surveillance cameras not only increase protection through surveillance and detection of irregular behaviour but also distinguishes between authorised and unauthorised visitors, instantly alerting residents and guards. The same aforementioned LPR technology can also be used to replace traditional access cards in residential properties, allowing for frictionless entry and exit for vehicles. AI cameras can also be used to alert residents or building managers to intruders or suspicious behaviour. Similarly, commercial buildings can monitor foot traffic for unusual movements.

The potentials of Smart Access, Smart Community and Smart Security are endless. That’s why Kiple’s urban tech solutions are built end-to-end to help business owners and residents every step of the way.


Urban Tech Solutions – the New Property Differentiator

Today’s real estate market does not just require differentiation – it demands it, especially when there is an influx of real estate that promises good locations, transportation access and builds. By utilising urban tech properly, developers are given more flexibility to better price and justify the property’s value. Likewise, prospective buyers can see for themselves the potential of owning real estate that not only has higher resale value but also provides more sustainable living for the whole family.

As more businesses and homes adopt urban tech, their proliferation can also result in a gradual development of a smart city. City councils and real estate companies would be encouraged to utilise urban tech and IoT to address and resolve urbanisation challenges, such as energy distribution, traffic congestion, and rubbish collection. Furthermore, the advent of 5G technology will only grow smart cities by leaps and bounds as faster network bandwidth allows connected urban tech devices to better communicate with each other.

Kiple’s urban tech solutions are not just mere add-ons – they provide real tangible and intangible value for property owners and developers in the present and near future.

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