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increase value
Increase Value
Replacing conventional amenities in your building with new high-tech systems to make your property stand out against the competition. Position your property at the forefront of urban tech adoption.
increase value
Drive Cost Effectiveness
A One-Stop solution that improves maintenance and repair costs in the long run. Has the potential to minimise building management OPEX costs.
increase value
Enhanced Safety and Security
Smart AI-based system that enables real-time, contactless management and monitoring of your property that leads to tighter, more effective surveillance.

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Day in the life with Urban Tech
Smart Access

Seamless, Secured, and Contactless Access made possible by A.I Innovation. We offer a full range of access options for any business and industry, so you can give customers the best experience possible

Smart Parking
Licence Plate Recognition

Malaysia’s 1st Licence Plate Recognition Solution. 99.8% accuracy in reading licence plate numbers as it is driven by AI camera technology

Valet Parking

Encourage transparency through digitalised, cloud-based cashless solutions with multi-payment options

Smart Entrance Access
A.I Facial Recognition with Thermal Scanner

Biometric technology detects faces for seamless entry and exit, with quick and accurate body temperature measurement

QR Access

Cardless entry exit solutions for doors and lifts. Unique QR codes which enhance security access for businesses and enterprises

Smart Community

Manage your communities in a safe and connected environment with digital touch points, all at your fingertips

Digitalise Your Community

Designated app that allows community members and residents to enjoy seamless access with LPR and QR code entry, secured visitor management, easy facilities booking and more.

Visitor Management Platform

Effortless visitor management system without compromising on either security or procedure.

Central Management Portal

A management platform that provides a full suite of access control, visitor management system, digital forms and payment, allowing property managers to easily oversee residents, visitors, and guards.

White Label

Customisable solution that can be tailored accordingly to your needs

Smart Security

A.I Tech that optimises your business operation and improves risk management through smart surveillance

A.I Smart Security Camera

Robust security management powered by AI that comes with complete suite of video analytics for surveillance, including unusual activity monitoring and better management of manpower and public safety.

A.I Facial Recognition

Intelligent thermal scanners powered by our leading AI algorithm, capable of measuring body temperatures and recognising faces, even when wearing masks.

Face Capture History

Records of temperature measurement and face capture can be saved, making it easier to trace historical records in the event of an epidemic or crime.

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