Green Packet is rapidly heading towards the goal of creating a cashless society with more and more people switching to electronic payment. Having said that, Green Packet is constantly moving forward with new thinking and new ways of improving lives by developing, designing and offering customer-centric features for smarter spending via Kiple application that functions as an e-wallet and payment gateway. Additionally, Green Packet continues to innovate and venture into more different verticals to cater to our every-changing fintech environment. Ultimately, Green Packet is not just making an ease of payment but is building a collaborative ecosystem to benefit both customers and merchants.

Payment Gateway​

An online payment gateway solution that helps your business grow in the digital space. Accept multi-payment methods, and integrate seamlessly to your e-commerce websites.​

A comprehensive digital platform that enhances your business mobile application to allow digital money, card integrations, loyalty and membership functionalities.​
User Authentication Services​

Authenticate identities of individuals who access electronic services, perform transactions or check-in digitally to a service.​